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Las alas de la educación
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miércoles, 6 de agosto de 2008

Made in USA but never maid in USA

August 5th,and 6th 33rd entry to the Colonel`s Scrapbook

1962 Marilyn Monroe found dead of apparent self-inflicted drug overdose, Kennedys suspected of having suicided her to keep her mouth shut.How could the prettiest blondie in the world die like that?I still miss her!

1772 1st partition of Poland, between Austria, Prussia & Russia, is that why gringos call Polish people the Dumb Poles?
1926 Houdini stays in a coffin under water for 1« hrs, wish I could do that when a lewd man is chasing me
1936 At Berlin Olympics, Jesse Owens wins his 3rd Olympic medal, showing nasty Adolf that blacks are definitely THE superior race

1697 Charles VII Holy Roman emperor (1742-45), best thing he did was support Antonio Vivaldi and father empress Ma.Theresa 1809 Alfred Lord Tennyson poet laureate of England ,queen Vicky loved him sooooooo1861 Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt 2nd wife of Theodore Roosevelt, she had patience 1868 Paul Claudel France, diplomat/poet (L'Otage-1909) how ashamed was he when his sister the sculptress Camille went bananas after tolerating so much torture from her lover Rodin?1881 Sir Alexander Fleming cashed in on penicillin (Nobel 1954)and thanks to him, not even Churchill died of a flu

1978 Pope Paul VI dies of heart attack at summer residence at 80,after having spent more time on a plane than on his seat at Saint Peter`s
1945 Hiroshima atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima by "Enola Gay"puiloted by assassin Tibbets,this was terrorism performed by the government of Harry Truman


I don`t know why the American dream has always had that dubious power of making me angry. Perhaps because it becomes a real nightmare that requires you to cut your hair and die it blond even if your beliefs originally forbade that, or you buy blue contact lenses to look more WASP. Or you start saying yeah and gonna and wanna coz everybody aint gonna stop ya from doing àt,yeah? Land of the free home of the brave. Francis Scott Key had the best of intentions when he wrote the Star Spangled Banner, forgetting that USA was born with the bloody stain of slavery. Anything goes, right? No, dearest reader. The USA I dream of doesn’t exist in reality, because it has practiced state terrorism on a day like today. It has never existed more than on paper, but so many people fall for the slogans and the propaganda and a fascination that can only be labelled as fatal attraction.
I will always mourn the death of Norma jean Baker, more known as the sexual bombon Marylin Monroe. I was only three when she died,and I will never believe the suicide version. She had the bad sense to fall in love with two very nasty males from the same politically climbing clan, and that did her in. It was best to shut her up, and boy, what a way to do it. The day the news came out in the newspapers, my matronly grandmother Mercedes was subreptitiously crying over the pantry in her kitchen. Mind you, my granny didn`t even cry when tear gas was thrown near her house during a political riot in the 60s. Hard stately matron in the old mold, you don`t make more women like her. She was embarrassed when I being the wee litltle fatso of a 3 year old devil rushed into the kitchen to ask for more ice cream…and found her sniffing. “Se muriò la chela màs Linda del mundo,”she sobbed. “The most beautiful blondie in the World has died.”Only a dirty American politician World commit a crime like that, to deprive us of the most beautiful woman Hollywood ever had, just to keep his dirty secrets safe. Those are crimes that can only be committed in USA by USA for nobody`s`benefit.
USA has a lot to answer for, in matter of crimes. You, my most cherished reader,know what I am talking about. A day like today the big plane Enola gay swooped down on Hiroshima,Japan,piloted by Tibbets and dropped the first bomb killing so many innocent people. A foreshadow of 9-11? In 1942 on Good Friday April 18th they had already sent 16 fighter planes to hunt down Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto over the Solomon Islands to make him pay for having planned the attack on Pearl Harbor a few months before. 16 planes for one single man, come on people!Out of proportion. The biggest coward always wears the biggest sword, said my ancestor Peter the Cruel of Portugal. So the bomb was dropped.People phad their bodies pulverized as they walked.How many cats died there?How many babies were unborn? How many people became mutants? Never to be forgiven. Never to be forgotten. I as a citizen of this world, as a pacifist,can never forgive nor forget. History cannot absolve that kind of capital sin. It is so easy to fight a war and bomb people who don not live in USA. After the US had its civil war,they have always taken their napalm and chewing gum elsewhere, never bother the good old hometown. It is easier to export war along with canned goods and cars.
But the worst crime the USA has committed is the way they slowly but never completely assimilate you when you have the bad idea to believe in American Dreams and they make you jump through a loop of fire, like a trained Bengal tiger. This simile is intentional,ladies and gentlemen. I recently had a shock to see how someone from a very rich and anciet culture, in his hurry to be a gringo, a yankee, forgot all his customs, his beautiful hair down to his knees, his turban and beliefs in order to become a dark and sad version of Jon Voight`s Midnight Cowboy. What happens to the values taught in the homeland when you get a visa, probably a scholarship and a residence? All forgotten in order to become a stud just because you are exotic, and when you go back home only on vacation because you cannot live anymore in “that pretty but third-world country” where you were born, you speak with the idiotic Um,Um that Americans sport in their speech due to lack of vocabulary? And they use this um,um even when speaking their native Spanish, Hindi or Korean. How can an Asian ever forget what happened in Japan? Or Vietnam? Time will never heal all wounds, whoever tells you that is a demagogue. Nothing mitigates old hurts, nothing prevents an old scar tissue to gape open suddenly and start bleeding all over again.
Those old slaps, scoldings and slights always come back. It is up to each person to digest his own bile. Then you remember and you don`t want to apply for a visa. You cringe every time you see someone wearing a t shirt with the bald eagle on it, and remember that Leonese poet Leonel Rugama said in one of his poems that “such a deed would humiliate the hen that the coat of arms boasts in the disguise of an eagle.”Mean,.right? What an ugly way to demean the big bird of prey, but the eagle has been attacking my country since so many years ago in any way possible.
As a patriot, I cannot imagine how someone can become fully assimilated in the USA. A chip off the old block that contains the personality must be missing or severely damaged. Can a dollar paycheck buy off your heritage, and you can assuage your qualms by saying that fat paycheck pays your airfare first class back to your backward country full of brown people, with your arms laden with gifts? Can a conscience, a national identity be dollarized? Can it lead you to say that what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was okay but that Pancho Villa was a bandit 300 per cent of the time?
I cannot imagine how in a country that says it supports something that doesn`t really exist in real practical life-democracy- crimes like those against Marylin Monroe, Malcolm X and terrorism of state like the bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki can exist. I know you are not shocked by what I am saying. I see you clearly nodding your head, and the hair you say you might lose soon is softly moving. Crimes exist in history which even the face of time cannot bear,hiding its blush of shame among old musty pages. The loss of lives, whether it be of the most beautiful blondie in the world, or of those thousands of innocents in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, will always be the gaping wound on the side of the world,and it shall never close no matter what we say.

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