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Las alas de la educación

Las alas de la educación
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La lección de física
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viernes, 11 de julio de 2008

Boxing Destiny

Entry 16 for The Colonel`s Scrapbook
July 11:born
1274 Robert the Bruce Scotland, King (1328-1329)after William Wallace showed him with his own example where to find his balls
1767 John Quincy Adams Braintree, Mass, 6th Pres (D) (1825-1829),son of the second US president
1920 Yul Brynner actor (King & I, 10 Commandments,Taras Bulba) what a sexy bald pate!


1937 George Gershwin composer (American in Paris, Rhapsody in Blue), dies at 38 of a brain tumour

1533 Pope Clement VII excommunicated England's King Henry VIII because he set aside Catherine of Aragon to marry the already pregnant Anne Boleyn(she was expecting a true jewel, Elizabeth)
1740 Jews are expelled from Little Russia by order of Czarina Anne, who did not do anything better than play with her dwarves and get fat as a pig

Dreadful news
1798 US Marine Corps created by an act of Congress, and the big stick gets stiff, Poor intervened countries, destined to put up with The Few, The Proud(and I would add the Nasty). If Augusto Calderon Sandino would have known that his struggle was predestined for him exactly 100 years before he came out of Margarita`s ravaged belly.


Have you asked yourself the question that if you were not you who would you be, or would you be at all? If your parents hadn`t met, would you exist? Fate.Destiny.Kismet.Karma. The Inevitable. Today you, my dear reader, asked a question and said you were afraid of the future. To which I answer, who isn`t? Kismet, which is my favourite word for destiny, a few weeks ago, asked you to be online and ask me the first question that we have shared. In a long row of so many, up to a point that we don`t remember how many questions we have asked each other. I had no idea you existed and I was well in the void bubble of gentle emptiness in which I gravitated until then. I think I mentioned it before, when the American pop singer Barry Manilow said in a song “you remind me I live in a shell, safe from the past and doing okay but not very well.” Who told me to answer to you? What motivated me to do so? What if I had shut myself in and said I didn`t want anything new? What if,what if…
People, IF is a very big word in any language. Historian that I am, I often ask myself what IF….look at all the brouhaha made by the fatso King Henry VIII of England. If he wouldn`t have been infatuated with Anne Boleyn, would he have broken off from Rome and created the Anglican church? Would such a crown jewel of a woman as Elizabeth Tudor have been born for the best of England? If Anne Boleyn hadn`t found her womanizer of a husband with Jayne Seymour sitting on his lap, would she have miscarried the boy that would have been the king of England? What if Peter Ilitch Tchaikovsky,Russiàs foremost composer, hadn`t broken up with Nadezhda von Meck, his patroness, would he have drunk the glass of unboiled water at the time that cholera was sweeping through his city? He had never met her,they only corresponded, which shows us that you can meet the most important person in your life through writing or chat…But getting back to Tchaikovsky,what other beautiful music would he have composed? No, I don`t forgive this sublimest of gays for depriving me and so many fans of other works that surely died with him, it wasn`t fair! How could he have produced masterworks such as 1812 Overture, Eugene Oneguin, Swan Lake and Romeo and Juliet and then just leave us? He had no right! Geniuses don`t belong to themselves, they owe everything they produce to all of us who adore them,as bearded Dmitri Mendeleiev knew. Tired, sweaty, he went to sleep and dreamt the periodic table and this workaholic, as soon as he woke up, put all he had seen in his dream on paper. If I only did that more often I would have more short stories based on my nightmares, but the other dreams belong only to the dark side of my skin`s moon. And you should know exactly what I am talking about. Many elements were to be discovered after Mendeleiev left this world and was buried after one of the longest funeral processions ever seen in history. But the guy who would complete his work, young Henry Moseley was also destined to leave an interrogation over his name when he had the bad sense of exchanging his lab jacket for a soldier`s uniform, and died in battle during World War I. Tough luck for the periodic table, which by now I remember it by heart in four languages.
If. You can ask, IF destiny had some use for us why the hell did it permit you to be born in a country so far away from mine? Okay, but I can retort, if there was no use for an encounter that can change our lives, rip the fragile cobweb of our everyday worries, and bring us together in a cosmic collision, why in heaven `s name did you ever approach me? Had nothing better to do that day? Aw, come in. This is an argument that not even the best prosecutor can beat. If kismet wanted so many things from us, why did it choose toplay chess with our senses, drive angry horses of eagerness, and leave us stranded in the middle to nowhere and everywhere? Was I Firousi, the cat that Richard the Lionhearted gave to Sultan Saladdin as a farewell gift, and you the Seljuk sultan himself? Or were you Sennemoot, the favourite slave and advisor of Pharaoh Hatshepsut and I the ruler herself? Can there be an explanation for all this exquisite mess? I could say you were Sha Jahan and I Mumtaz Mahal, for whom the Mughal monarch created the Taj Mahal, but that is too much on the beaten path and I have no stomach for romantic nonsense, specially after having fired with a tank and hit right on the dot as when I was 15 years younger than now My body has exquisitely shaken with the oscillation of the M60 machine gun and I have felt the warmth of my country`s soil seeping into my premenopausic bones who still remember what war felt like. A sudden and warm rush of maternal love has surged through my sallow skin, lying on the ground and shooting, knowing that if anyone would ever dare to try and nab away my San Juan River I would gladly die in combat fighting for our sovereignty.
A patriot will always be in heat for his or her homeland, make no mistake about it. Kismet may have chosen at random to let me be born prematurely in the dynasty of Diriangèn blended with that one of Peter the Severe, but the passion I feel for my country is no accident or whim. Bless kismet that I was born in this country, because it is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Even if that means I have no wings to fly to you, or no magic carpet to take me faster.
The future doesn`t belong to anyone until you lay claim to it. You do this by learning to fly even if no net is under you, even if you believe you are acting like a moonstruck kid, risking all you have. Kismet hasn`t dictated its last sentence in your case unless you want to help with the drafting of it. It is easy to say that because Newton discovered that an object lying still will continue there motionless, unless propelled by an outward force, we must let life do whatever it wants to because we are nobody to stop it. Very easy but it is a failure of an argument. Sorry, choose another one that makes more sense. I I were`t myself, I wouldn`t be here writing this entry into my scrapbook. The scrapbook itself couldn`t have been written by no one else except myself, with my hazel eyes and broken bones and thirst for life.
If I didn`t exist, you wouldn`t be so full of doubts, fears, even misgivings. Right? Of course, dear reader, you know I am right. Can we let love, opportunities, desires, pass by us in an endless marching masquerade, perhaps to the rhythm of a marching band conducted by the maestro John Philip Sousa-the March King- while birds mourn in their trees the fact that we are so cowardly? So when we shall be old, with our grandkids sitting at our feet, we must find a way to excuse ourselves from their recriminations, try to let them know in peaceful tones that once we had the chance to live intensely, to grab love by the tail as one plays with an Angora cat, that our face in the mirror seemed so different and so much ourselves at the same time, but we thought we were being stupid or rash and we rooted our feet to the ground, thought that a close encounter with infatuation was too dangerous, and now with our white hair and wrinkles and back pain we realize what kind of idiots we were to deny ourselves the fulfilment of a dream. We will have to apologize for our fear, for our inertia, for the victory of sensibility and pragmatism over the stars in our eyes. We will have to apologize for not having the guts or the balls to live a dream and make it a reality.
They , our descendants, will probably just say we were wise, but we will cringe inside and berate ourselves for having been a simple toy in the hands of doubt, a flying colourful kite in the winds of destiny, the last flicker in the monitor of hope. The word IF will remain in our memory forever, we will hate Robert Frost`s The Road Not Taken poem,because we were too afraid to leave the ground and steps into the heavens of bliss.

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