Tras haber creado mi anterior blog cecilmundo varias personas, muchos de ellos mis alumnos, me sugirieron que creara una secciòn dentro de cecilmundo para publicar mis obras de docencia de idiomas. Dado que la cantidad de documentos de explicaciones, ejercicios y exàmenes de inglès son muy numerosos porque tengo màs de 30 años del ejercicio de la docencia, preferì estrenar blog con mis alumnos a como ellos realmente merecen. En este blog planetcecil no solo iràn mis documentos didàcticos de inglès, sino tambièn la producciòn literaria de varios alumnos que se destacan en las letras. Tambièn darè oportunidad a aquellos que tienen excelentes obras pero que no han logrado publicarlas ya que en mi paìs Nicaragua todo se mueve por la marrana polìtica, y si una no pertenece a determinado partido no verà jamàs publicado su opus. Tambièn tenemos la desgracia de contar con seudoeditores quienes al no conocer verdaderamente de literatura se convierten en mercenarios de la imprenta solo para llenarse ellos mismo de dinero y fama a costillas de los escritores. Todos aquellos que deseen participar en este blog, denlo de antemano por suyo. Aunque lleve mi nombre en un arranque de egolatrìa, yo soy sencillamente vuestra servidora.Cecilia

Las alas de la educación

Las alas de la educación
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La lección de física
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domingo, 20 de julio de 2008

Of Diaries and Internet

23rd entry for the Colonel`s Scrapbook

Born July 20th
1519 Innocent IX 230th Roman Catholic pope (1591) , those names proclaiming innocence scare the living daylights out of me1785 Mahmud II Ottoman sultan, Westernizer, reformer, even changed the way he dressed to start modernizing the Ottoman Empire

1919 Sir Edmund Hillary one of 1st 2 men to scale Mt Everest, the other was the Nepalese Sherpa tensing Norgay, Edmund became sir because he was white but the other guy barely got a thank you
1947 Carlos Santana Mexico, musician (Santana-Black Magic Woman)one of the greatest guitarists of popular music

1951 Abdullah Ibn Hussein Jordan's King assassinated in Jerusalem, he was good King Hussein`s dad
1881 Sioux Indian leader Sitting Bull, surrenders to federal troops, s big mistake because this great warrior, poet, dancer and leader would be killed with a shot through his head by a lowly white police who accused him of trying to support a rebellion.

I am an astronaut and I write to you from the Moon

Always had an inkling she was nuts,and now I confirm it,you may be saying as you read these lines. Anne Frank,Jewess also, used to write to her imaginary Kitty. My Kitty is not even imaginary ,dearest reader, as you well know. Maybe my Kitty wants to remain imaginary, a lion figment of my cat imagination, no involvement, as it says in the back part of urban buses KEEP YOUR DISTANCE, talk to the hand, lady. No way I will carry your bag of problems on my poor shoulder. What would have happened if Anne Frank, or Peter Ilitch Tchaikosvky,great Russian composer who put all his frustrations into his diary, would have lived in the age of Internet? Would Kitty have been an astronaut and told her she was writing to her from the moon? Love and diaries in times of Internet, oh dearest Gabriel Garcìa Màrquez, my favourite author, Love in Times of Cholera paraphrased. Forgive thy humble admirer that she knows not at times know what she doth do!!
What can you find when you plunge into the somewhat murky, shark-infested or angel-inhabited waters of turbulent internet? I learned to chat last year.I know that sounds like I am a dinosaur. The same person who now is trying to forbid me to chat taught it tome: my consort of 20 years standing. One day, on a cloudy Saturday afternoon, my blood glucose almost at 30, loaded with assignments, I ran into kismet,karma,destiny,who knows what the hell to call it. Sorry, I owe you any romantic or lurid details,Carlos Santana who was born a day like today for our great delight, was not playing his Moonflower which I so love. A sudden spark onscreen. My students continued in the English computer lab with its slow connection, age-old equipment and I was there finding something by accident. This unknown soldier responded to the call of combat,because if life is struggle, love is a battlefield and people end up falling into booby-traps of all colors and shapes.
Some are tempting,wearing glasses or not, scholarly or not, passionate or cold,you name them. And they can say so many things you like to hear, you play your fantasies out on one side to get a slap on the other, people doing the most incredible things to you mind and adrenaline, and you are the prey and the preyed upon, the godand the pilgrim, the user and the used, the abuser and the abused. By one of those coincidences I had taken down a number, but the messenger addresses got lost in a cleanup I had. I was frantic. I went to the sources of information and found myself lost in a Mare Nostrum of faces, hopes, disappointments and ids. Why the anguish? Nobody becomes anxious so fast, or does one?
I searched for Beethoven`s lost penny without composing a rondo for piano, the needle in the haystack of pining, the poet for the muse he wasn`t even aware he had-the driver for his license. Annie Lennox of the Eurhythmics, yes maàm,you were right.Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree,travel the world and sven seas,everybody is looking for something. You search and you find.Sometimes a frog happens to land in your lap and you make believe it is a prince and when you kiss it, in goes his long tongue into your mouth thinking you have insects in your dreams.Or then there is a jerk that as soon as you open his webcam he is like w hite orangutan,climbing on top of the desk in risk of having a fracture so you can see what nature gave him, howling like a wolf combined with Whitney Houston singing the theme of the Bodyguard, and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will always love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,and you wonder, why the hell does this creature say he will love me forever when even I myself don`t on a daily basis? Has he tasted my sauce béarnaise, or seen my in my gala uniform, or had a talk with my favourite cat? Has he seen me after a full day`s work?
Is he a rabid communist like me? Is he saying he admires Tito of Yugoslavia just to have me online? On the other hand can you find a bantering, easy, jovial person on the other side, someone who will relax you after the general barke d at you, your dog shat on your shoes and your daughter called you the Old Witch from the Babayaga? Or you find an almost balding bad photocopy of Stalin yelling gibberish at you to strip, do this and so forth but now and don’t dare to disobey because he owns you in body, soul and sweat and whatever else comes out of you! Promises promises promises! How many are made per second every day on internet? Is the chat the breadbasket of loaves never fed nor baked? Would that great Turkish reformer, Sultan Mahmud II, have agreed upon this? Would Sherpa Tenzing Norgay,who also puffed his way up to the Everest along with white Newzealander Edmund Hillary, have been allowed a laptop to communicate the world in good English please that he was transmittinga chat from Mount Everest and that he could predict that his mate was going to become a peer of the real for his deed?
How many disappointmnts can you get under your chin every day?It really is the perfect relationship-You can disappear any time,leaving the other part wondering where did the magic go, or was there any? How much codswallop can you swallow in a single session? For how long can you spoonfeed someone with cloud syrup just to enjoy the sadistic checkmate of letting that person fall on her ass in front of your eyes? Or like my friend who said that theyuckiest thing on earth was amenstruating woman, forgetting that the first meal he ate as an embryo was his own mom`s menstruation that failed to come down?That is the equivalent of what happened to the peerless Tatanka Iyotanka, more known as chief Sitting Bull. ending with a bullet through his head after he danced the Ghost Dance for a good time with Buffalo Bills`Wild West show. Okay, the monkey has danced. Now in best Vietnamese style get a saw or axe, cut his skull because I will have dinner with his sugared brains.
NO. I have the right to keep my integrity,cam or no cam,mike or no mike.That is why I write this and later blog it for all English speakers because I know that zillions of people who have ever touched a computer keyboard know what I am talking about. Nothing can replace the feel of a writing hand, warm skin or a personal smile. Luckily you can`t get pregnant online. Some people do meet after long months of virtual relations. And marry or rue the day they saw a fashion model on cam but in reality the lady looks like John F.Kennedy`s corpse. Most just shut off the messenger and laugh or cry at the same time. But we go on. We learn.We have teachers like you, who give us lessons that were never taught at Sorbonne IV or UNAN Managua or Harvard. Not even at West Point where you are supposed to learn how to enter combat without shaking. We get coats of mail to ride as a shining knight on the foaming steed of our everyday shattered expectancies, ballerina shoes to dance and twirl over the sharp shards of slights, unholy moments talking to a hand, or disconnections ruining our best moments. We go on. One day we get it all together and the muse may be there at the beginning, or stay forever with us painted on the inner side of our eyelids when we dream. But diaries, chronicles or novels have a way of sprouting their own feet and walking away from the throne that can suddenly metamorphose into a wheelchair. The push that got the writer out of inertia is enough and we follow Newton`s law about staying in motion. Then we only smile shyly, maybe through a diamond tear that is necessary for effect,and we meekly say thank you, thanks for reminding me that Archimedes once said, give me a little point for support as an axis, and I shall get the world in motion. I just did, now may Newton`s laws keep it moving alone.

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