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Las alas de la educación

Las alas de la educación
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La lección de física
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domingo, 12 de octubre de 2008

I refuse

Entry 58 to the The Colonel`s Scrapbook
Birthdates which occurred on October 12:
1537 Edward VI king of England (1547-53) ,the only legitimate son poor gluttonous henry VIII could beget among his 6 wives, son of Jayne Seymour,who sacrificed her life for the king`s whims1798 Pedro I 1st emperor of Brazil (1822-31), king of Portugal, who gave his first wife Leopoldina such a hard life through his womanizing, becoming the objet d`amour of the troubled Ophenisia
1872 Ralph Vaughan Williams Down Amp England, composer (Hugh the Drover),England`s foremost composer,although I confess I like Purcell and Elgar better
1935 Luciano Pavarotti Modena Italy, operatic tenor (Yes, Giorgio), if he wasnt singing his mouth was always full
Deaths which occurred on October 12:
1694 Matsuo Basho greatest Japanese haiku poet, dies, one of the greatest Japan has ever produced
1870 Robert E Lee General of the Confederate Army, dies at 63, such a gentleman, too bad he fought on the wrong side1945 Jesse James Payne lynched in Madison County Florida, what a sad end to such an agitated life of pure mischief

1285 180 Jews refuse baptism in Munich Germany, they are set on fire.So foreshadowed history the coming of Hitler in the XXth century1492 Columbus arrives in the Bahamas; the real Columbus Day,for the woe of us Indians who had to be sacked,looted,raped,killed and worst of all,converted to a faith not ours and decimated by all the sicknesses this “disgraceful admiral” brought along


Perhaps ignoring that there is the term coined as “white trash”, the dumpy yet pallid Spanish teacher who used to torture the students at a marginal high school I used to slave for, she was so excited from the month of September about celebrating “The Day of our Race”, as this date is so euphemistically called in my country as well as other Hispanic nations. Celebrate?No, my dear,deplore. Day of the Race? What race, the one the Spaniards came to kill? So many years,centuries after, I am still stewing with rage. My wrath has no bounds. I cannot celebrate the coming of a damned white man who brought disgrace to our Mayan, Aztec, Inca and other civilizations. With him camegonorrhea,syphyllis,measles,smallpox,piorrhea…the list is endless. Other worse maladies came to stay:pain,sword,gunpowder,slavery, the rape of our maidens who later refused to bear more babies so the Spanish wouldn`t have free slaves. They took our gold,silver,illusions,corn,tomatoes,potatoes,yams,cassava,cacao,avocadoes,beans,mangoes,
Pineapples, turkeys, macaws, mandioc,yucca and sour oranges. They deprived us of our self-determination, ruined our health and we got few good things in return,like the horse or the most perfect language in the world. Celebrate? That so-called teacher, and I don`t dare to call her a teacher because we teachers form, not distort, the minds of our students, has no idea in which yard the dog is barking. She thinks that just because she looks white she has to proclaim false values. As a descendant of the chieftain Diriangen, who preferred to jump from a cliff than submit to the Spaniards, I feel outraged.I feel ripped off.My fury has no end. I carry not one single drop of Spanish blood, blessed be kismet! I have dark skin and hair. While we continue having Nicaraguans who consider that any white has the right to come and bark orders at us, while we splay our thighs like cheap whores every time we are promised “foreign investment for the progress of poor little Nicaragua”, while whites continue to view us as their backyard brick shithouse, while we don`t raise the flag of our dignity as did our heroes Benjamìn Zeledòn, general Josè Dolores Estrada and the teacher Emmanuel Mongalo, we will continue to be the plenipotentiary ass kissers with a top star rating among third world countries.
I know what you will think: hey ,dear ,but you have a Turkish ancestress who made a cheese factory although she was an Ottoman, and your dad had red hair and blue green eyes, and in your family tree is a Portuguese love-mad king who exhumed his third wife to have his nobles swear fealty to her post mortem…what is all this foaming at the mouth and kicking up of your fractured feet supposed to be about? I agree with you, dearest reader, most necessary of people. But somehow, the raging patriotic blood of Diriangèn runs wilder through my veins, perhaps because I look most like him than any other descendants, or who knows why, but the patriot who lives in my left armpit foams and rages any time someone thinks his capital can buy a piece of our brown skin. I have been abused, and most curiously, not in France where I studied and where I was treated as an equal all the time. The worst discrimination came from other people who have as dark a skin and as tortuous a history as I do. I have been slapped on the face by the blackest oil of capital and left there,wet in the rain, wondering what the hell went wrong. I have taught at a posh school, the same where I graduated from, and been denied a fair salary reserved only to Americans, people who were not even high school graduates or were blacklisted in the USA, even though none of them held the degrees I have. There is a salary for Nicaraguans and one for Americans, at the American Nicaraguan School. Just the fact that we are nationals and not US citizens make us third class personnel for them.
In 1992 I was fired from the largest newspaper in Nicaragua, which proclaims to be The Diary of Nicaraguans although long time ago they forgot they are nationals and they make believe they live in Miami, simply because I refused to praise the coming of Columbus as the Holy Arrival of the Messiah to these places with the Spanish Conquest. It was the best thing that happened to me then. I had returned to my usual rebellious attitude, valuing my dark skin over the obscure interests of western capitalism and genuflection. I still continue believing we would not be a sorry place where to live if we still spoke nahuatl, had our pyramids and the most perfect solar calendar of history. It was our fateful doom that horny Isabel of Castille decided to favour her lice-infested Genoese adventurer and defying her useless husband Ferdinand, rewarded her lover with a series of journeys to fill the barren coffers of the finally united kingdom she had so unpleasantly created in her marriage bed.
She didn`t even pawn any jewels, what for? She had recently fleeced Muslims and Jews by kicking them out, confiscating their properties, or throwing them into the stake and torture chambers of her Top Inquisitor and Confessor Tomàs de Torquemada. So all that ratshit fed to children that pseudo teachers like the dumpy sexless gnome I had as a workmate at the rundown almost reformatory is just that, ignorants`codswallop. Gistory has a way of making things even her own way, and when Columbus died m the wronged husband that Ferdinand felt himself to be was too busy trying to father an heir-in times when the idea of Viagra was just a wet dream- on Germana de Foix after he drove his first consort Isabella to an early grave, and the debt for his deeds went unpaid to Columbus. So pays the devil to those who serve him well. No wonder our own Nicaraguan bard, Rubèn Darìo-himself more aboriginal than white like me-called him disgraceful admiral in one of his poems. He not only disgraced himself but also the thousands of souls that populated this paradise called America when he came on a day like today. History was so fair to him that we carry the name of Amerigo Vespuccio, another navigator and mapmaker, and not his name. Out of this continent we would have the bravest examples of indigenous leaders like Lautaro-who captured and killed the Spaniard Pedro de Valdivia, whose forearms were eaten without salt and barely roasted by Lautaro before finally slaying him. Today his war tactics are still perused by future commanders in the choicest military academies. No was always an answer to so much strife and abuse brought to us by the unbatheable Spaniards,as it is still a reply for all the globalization and neo colonialism so in fashion everywhere. I refuse to salaam to Americans as much as I refuse to do so to anyone who can think he can acquire me because he has petrodollars euros because the sovereignty that lives in my body and my mind belongs only to me.
I had nothing to celebrate today, much to deplore. The word conquest holds within its letters so much pain, domination and humiliation. They found our ancestors half naked and with the best calendar, so they destroyed their culture and dressed them up to their discomfort. It is much like what someone proposed to me, to be soft and yielding and never write these scathing remarks nor wear boots nor think for myself nor make such unromantic stories or corelpaint pictures…and I would be a kept woman standing barefoot and pregnant(at my 49 years of age, can you imagine such a ridiculous thing?) waiting for the men to eat and see if anything was left for me, wearing rings on my toes and no panties in case sir had a sudden lustful fit. That I denounce as colonization too. My body is not a territory to be ravaged. My mind is not an appendix on someone else`s map.That supposition of total devotion is also submission. A word that has no meaning in my personal dictionary of life.

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