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Las alas de la educación
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La lección de física
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miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2008

on animals`day

57th entry to the Colonel`s Scrapbook
Birthdates which occurred on October 04:
1289 Louis X (the Stubborn) king of France (1314-16), was he really that rock-headed? 1626 Richard Cromwell second lord unprotector of England (1658-59),son of ugly Oliver.He declined the honor and had poverty-stricken Charles II imported back from exile to have him wear the crown of England
1071 bard,crusader and duke of Aquitaine Guillaume, cat lover and precious womanizer, France`s best troubadour. I would have never said no to him
1879 Benjamìn Zeledòn, patriotic Nicaraguan general who fought against gringo intervention, born in La Concordia
Deaths which occurred on October 04:
1904 Frederic Auguste Bertholdi French sculptor ("Statue of Liberty"), did he realize he was giving his masterpiece to the Americans,who were so stingy and piddling that they argued not having money for a pedestal where to put “the French whore” until Hungarian journalist Joseph Pulitzer made a campaign to raise funds?
1912 patriotic Nicaraguan general Benjamin Zeledòn gets killed by the traitors of the conservador party along with others who refused to accept gringos injuring our sovereignty and as a birthday present, his corpse gets tied to the tail of a horse and dragged through the village of Catarina

1883 Orient Express' 1st run, linking Turkey to Europe by rail, many rapes, murders and romances will decorate the history of this train
Today is Animal`s Day in honor of Catholic stigmatic saint Francis of Assisi, first ecologist and lover of creatures

^Twas the night before Animals`day and all through the house, all my pets were romping and and sounding like hell. Sorry to have paraphrased a Christmas carol, but I have never seen so much noise going on the night before my birthday. Yes,sir,I proudly was ushered into this world at 6 months and three weeks of pregnancy by my mom, who had seen fit to be a rowdy hoyden riding a steed far too insolent for her, and when she fell off the horse I was sent into this valley of tears before it was time. Into the incubator for one month, as ugly as a boiled spider and limp as old lettuce, I managed to survive somehow to be the round and sleek devil you now see in so many pictures. Rule of compensation, who knows?But I was born on Animals`Day and as soon as I was yanked out of my incubator, I had the honor of sharing my crib with beautiful,warm and hairy Morpheus, my First Cat, a black guy who ate like ten horses put together. I must have looked a sorry sight and thus he didn`t gobble me, but took me under his protection as my official hair blanket. There was the coup de foudre between animalia and I. A crush that has lasted all my life, the most passionate love affaire of my life, don`t get jealous,my dearest reader.
At this time of the day but in 1959 dark and lovely Juana was getting a forced pushed into her to unstick me. She was paying dearly for having fallen off a horse. My father was twisting his hands outside, wondering if he would be left without wife and kid. I know he first asked for her,my mom. Then he breathed a long noisy gasp of relief and three seconds later asked about the baby. The doctor just added that I was alive and that killing me would no service to anyone. He just rushed to barge into his wife`s hospital room, forgetting I was in an incubator looking like something the cat had dragged in from the rain.
Getting back to Morpheus, my official blanket, he was black and fat and Persian with Angora, and he adored me with a passion that only cats can feel. If I am an animal lover, I owe it to him. Morpheus left me when I was about 4 years old(when I was born the gentlecat was around ten years old, no young man himself, already in his dotage by human standards)but he left me his daughter Torta, who was originally named Eleanor of Aquitaine but ended up being called cake because she had the strangest russet color I have ever seen on any living thing. A color only the most delicious cakes have….and she proved to be the most delicious companion a girl could have. When my patriotic grandmother once read to us the sad story of our national hero Benjamìn Zeledòn, who was born and was killed on a day like today, we both lamented his passing away by huddling together in a curious heaving and sobbing ball of fur and fat, human and beast. When I started crying over Benjamin, she drew apart .Tears, water,whatever liquid, was hated by Torta. She only appreciated milk and beer, but for inner use. Never on her fur, please that was icky.
I breathe in deeply and think about Benjamin Zeledon. Small,dark,brown , brave…and so in love with our country. A true patriot, and like all patriots, had a sad end. Is patriotism a curse, my currant-eyed reader? I sometimes feel my intense addiction for my country to be something like a rope around my neck, but I am so obscenely happy my mom fell off a horse here and not in any other country of the world, no offense meant. Is it in the water we drink? No because everybody would be a patriot, and many Nicaraguans loathe their own country, sorry to mention it.
Sharing a birthdate with my favorite French troubadour Guillaume D `Aquitaine is an honor too. I fell in love with him and his work very early, around the age of ten when I didn`t even have the excuse of rampant hormones to justify my infatuation. A passionate cat lover, to the point that he took his Manx cat Gateau with him on crusade while he left his wife behind, his name is now on several animal rescue shelters throughout Europe. Chubby, green-eyed and charming, he must have had loads of women running after him. Too bad he lived back then, I wouldn`t have said no to him. Part of his charm, all of his lands and libido and a good portion of his talent were inherited by the formidable grandchild of his, queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, after whom I named my beloved cat Torta originally.
Getting to be 49 doesn `t worry me too much. I want to be like French wine-a repetition, excuse me, only French produce wine, the rest produce vinegars-getting better and better every year. But today I found a new silver hair above my forehead and for a moment I caught the shadow of a frown. My cat was watching me and he nodded his head. Was he confirming the fact that age comes to all of us, and he will suffer the same transformations? Does he have any idea what I felt? Probably. Animals are much wiser than us, take that for granted, so that is why they don `t fash themselves into crying over spilled milk. They just lap it up. My animals have taught me so many lessons with their simple way of doing things. My dog Pompey taught me a lesson about loving even kids that aren`t mine,when she adopted my daughter`s new gift-a small tabby whom we named Lautaro after the Araucan toqui who killed the Spanish conqueror who went to Chile- and being a certified virgin, she put the cat to suck on her teat and somehow has been nursing him as a good mom for 2 years. The wisdom of animals has been proven once and again, which is why medieval philosopher Thomas Aquinas warns us that on Judgement `s Day, no matter how strong and arrogant we feel now, humans will be judged by the animals. How many of us can be acquitted? Spicy food for thought!
I have never been religious, you know that, but something in common do we have Saint Francis and I, and that is a taste for nature and the beautiful creatures it creates. After a hectic day in the classroom, how comfortable to nestle up with my cat Timur, who patiently waits for me at home, I understand what Winston Churchill, my favorite statesman, said about having a cat at home and it accounts for turning a hut into a palace. My hope is that someday all humans will be enlightened about the necessity of having a beast at home and not in order to gobble it or use it as a punching bag. If you are religious and you read your Genesis well, animals were created one day before we were, so as older siblings we owe them respect, love and caring the way many peoples around the world do to the eldest in the family. Leonardo da Vinci, who was good at almost anything and was even a vegetarian in order to avoid eating animals, would say that even the smallest feline was a masterpiece.
Emperor Akbar of the Mughal dynasty in India would say “let not my belly be the tomb of animals.” It is a great honor to share my birthdate with so many lovely creatures that nature made. I wouldn`t have understood it better any other way, as I am tremendously happy to share such a special date with my hero Benjamin Zeledon. The cake, the streamers, the noise and the cards are extra and I have never minded them. I go one more year into life, and if history is fair to me, I am strolling on to immortality. That is the utmost gift lif can give you.

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