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Las alas de la educación
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La lección de física
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viernes, 24 de octubre de 2008

The United Natterers

65th entry to the Colonel`s Scrapbook
Birthdates for October 23:
1752 Nicolas Appert inventor (food canning, bouillon tablet) he eased things for us cooks1868 Rama V [Chulalongkorn], leader of Thailand (-1910),fredd the slaves and was an enlightened ruler, star pupil of Anna Leon Owens(The King and I)
1940 Edison do Nacimiento Arantes,Pelè ‚ Brazil, soccer player extraordinaire (NY Cosmos),the Black peral, Xuxa`s boyfriend

1679 Meal Tub Plot against James II of England, In England, nonexistent conspiracy to prevent the accession of the Duke of York, the future James II, invented by Thomas Dangerfield in 1679 during the attempts to pass the Exclusion Bills. Dangerfield was initially believed in the atmosphere of panic arising from the Popish Plot, but he was soon discredited and then claimed the plot was a false trail laid by Catholics to conceal a real conspiracy. The name came from the meal tub under which Dangerfield claimed to have found evidence of the plot, what a bit of codswallop!

1890 The opera "Prince Igor" by Aleksander Borodin is produced (St Petersburg), now the dances that come in it are very popular and Julio Iglesias even plagiarized one of them for his cheap croons
1942 During WW II, Britain launches major offensive at El Alamein, Egypt,this would make Bernard Law Montgomery, Monty, a military superstar after he beat Erwin Rommel
1958 Soviet novelist Boris Pasternak, wins Nobel Prize for Literature, but he wasn’t allowed to go and walk like a peacock for his award,poor chap

Birthdates which occurred on October 24:
1632 Antony van Leeuwenhoek Dutch, naturalist (Philosophical Transactions),what would he have seen under his microscope nowadays?, 1788 Sarah Josepha Hale author (Mary Had a Little Lamb) ,couldn`t she produce anything better?
1890 Chicago Mainbocher uniform designer (Red Cross, Girl Scouts, Waves),supposedly sooooooooo chic
Deaths which occurred on October 24:
1537 Jane Seymour 3rd wife of Henry VIII, dies after giving birth to her husband`s only legitimate male, but she never washed her off her birth blood and thus she rotted to death, sorry folks,crude details
1601 Tycho Brahe astronomer, dies in Prague at age 54 after being royally protected in the full sense of the word1957 Christian Dior French designer, dies at 52 in Italy, not very original but tres chic
1939 Nylon stockings go on sale for 1st time (Wilmington Delaware) ,another torture instrument for women,yuck1940 40 hour work week goes into effect (Fair Labor Standards of 1938)and curiously the one who promoted it was the fascist, anti-Semitic and hypocritical Henry Ford
1940 Japan eliminates US terms (strike, play ball) from baseball, great, I applaud, why barbarize such a nice language as Japanese.We in Nicaragua who have the honor of speaking Spanish-the most perfect language on earth. should do the same
1945 United Nations Charter becomes effective…what for? Only to consume lots of money and for the officials to believe they are kissing cousins of god?
1970 Salvador Allende Gossens elected president of Chile, little did he know what he would have to do three years later in La Moneda


If I would have been an ambassadress, I would have gotten my country into uncountable wars. I always put my foot in my mouth., and say what is not expected for the occasion. So that is why what I will write about today will probably leave everything messed up and everyone gaping at me in horror or disgust. I believe the United Nations should be shut down. Better still, it should have never been created. Lapidary words, right? Let`s take it from the beginning, dearest of readers. For me diplomacy is just another way of dressing hypocrisy and trying to turn her into a lady. But how can I forgot my adored Korean student, Jung Yon An, who told me that in Korea, a lady who often proclaims to be a lady, is probably no lady at all? The Organization of the United Nations was tailored with the sad abortion of another organization, Like Woodrow Wilson `s pet project of the League of Nations, it was a stillborn baby. And there is only one sane thing to do with a corpse :bury it.
Ok, so World War I ended with the Treaty of Bersailless(the second one to be called so,because the first one was when the USA became independent,I don’t know why Americans love treaties called Versailles, maybe they want to be artificially elegant) and November 11th,the day the armistice was signed in 1918,became Veterans`Day. While in Paris, old Woodrow Woodpecker Wilson refused to heed what a patriot called Nguyen THrat Tat (Ho Chi Mihn) told him about self determination for people of Viet Nam, but since these people weren`t whites who cared about independence or if the Frenchies mistreated them? That was their lot for being slanted-eyed! Ok so the League of Nations was a dream,a nightmare in the wool, and out of that botched abortion in 1945 would spring the UN. Supposedly it was fashioned to stop all war conflicts before they were even thought up of. Wow,so preventive and wonderful.With godlike powers to stop everything,like Superman wearing his underwear on top of his tights. But Superman doesn’t fit into everybody`s imagination, nor does the UN as a peacemaker. Not even a cardiac patient`s pacemaker,because the world`s heart is already dead.
I remember while I was in elementary and even high school-and I went to an expensive private school -where you were brainwashed into thinking that the American Dream was not a nightmare, to think in English to oppress your people, and to eat apple pie-that UN Day was sacred, everyone had to genuflect and thank the White God for this blessing of an organization. The middle American loves pageants even though they are a festival of silliness, and we had to spend large sums of money getting silken costumes to act like the different pieces of this waste of time and money called the UN. Whoever didn`t participate in this dumb play was getting a flunking grade.
So many years of brainwashing didn`t convince me of the necessity of having the UN alive and well and living off people`s wallets in New York. When I was studying language translation in my college years,everyone would coo,”Oh sweetiepie, get a job in the UN as translatress and you will have achieved your dream.”Whoever said that was my dream? My nightmare probably. So when the Nicaraguan chancellor,Nora Astorga, a wonderful woman who has been the only worthy chancellor we have had in all our history after Maximo Jerez, proposed to me to go with her to the UN when she was sent as an ambassadress there, I declined. I wouldn`t hav been able to be in my best behaviour,saying sweet nothings,dancing cool adjectives,twisting my tongue to speak ribboned silliness and gibberish. It took a while for Nora to understand that it wasn`t anything against her,because she knew I worshipped her. She was over there when she discovered a lump in her breast. Soon she died of breast cancer,and I would dare to say that her job over there was the culprit for her untimely death. Being in the inner sacred sanctum of hypocrisy and uselessness is enough to neuter ovaries, peel off dicks and rot anyone.
Have the elegant blazered people of the United Nations really stopped any war? Have they fed all the hungry people? Have they prevented The Scream from getting stolen?
Did they stop the massacres at Kosovo and Afghanistan? Can they eliminate the carnage in Iraq? Thousands of dollars are spent every year to pay checks to these people who are so conceited they think they are the working testicle on god`s apparatus. With all those dollars, how many sacks of food and how many shelters could be bought? In 1945 on a day like today their charter was born. In the fifities we saw Ho Chi Mihn giving birth amid streams of innocent blood to what is today the thousand times glorious nation of Viet Nam. At the end of June 1950, 5 short years after the UN was delivered, the Korean war-never a forgotten war,sorry- exploded and forever split the Korean family in half, leaving so many people dead. Of course, it would be a while before the UN would look elsewhere while terrorism of state like the one practiced by Truman when he dropped the two fatsos on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 would happen. But it did happen again! Maybe not two big bombs, but the constant raiding and killing of the Persian Gulf War, or the bloody “cleanup” in Afghanistan after September 9-11 and afterwards the tragedy of Iraq. What did the Un do to stop the Vietnam War? What were they doing to each other while there was the Soccer War between Honduras and El Salvador in the 60s..?And all the conflicts in Africa? Lebanon? Kosovo? Come on people, sending a guy with a red hat(looking like a match and not like a vial of holy water) is not going to solve anything. Man will continue having wars and skirmishes and ambush as long as he shall live, so why waste money on people who believe themselves untouchable and above the rest of us humans?
One of the bosses I had, to be sure the best, had his wife working in the local UN building here in Managua. Stout,ugly,overbearing and very haughty,this bitch on wheels would terrorize all the workers under her husband`s orders with her airs of nobility in power, and ever since the officials of the UN all have the same stone face as Mrs,Nadine had. She had properly been hired for what she was, a mediocrity who pretended to be useful. Projects,projects and projects.Carried out they don`t work.
It is all done so pompously that nothing truthfully gets achieved. But all those who are involved in this sorry institution continue to be parasites, well –paid,aloof, almighty in their own idiocy, but there.And that money somehow comes out of our own pocket,from us,the “lesser beings” who have to be civilized,whitened and taught how to obey. This comment may sound so bitter to you,but the reality is exactly as it is,and it won`t get any better.
UN Day.No, I don`t celebrate this whitened day. Sorry,as I could never celebrate Columbus Day because I rue the day that stupid syphilis-infected and lice- ridden adventurer ever came to rip us off and kill our own civilization in order to impose the dogma of hypocrisy,which is what international diplomacy under the blue flag of the United Nations really is.

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